Collaborative Divorce

Figures in the Shadows: A Reflection on Third Party Interests in the Separation Process

A common topic which pops up throughout various mediation and negotiation trainings I have attended is how we as professionals are to screen and mitigate the influences of outside “shadow” figures who exert their influence over the decisions made by the parties directly in negotiation.  The Drama Associated With Divorce Often times in family law, […]

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Divorce Equality

I recently saw a Reuters article on DOMA and its implications on divorce.  The article echoed many of my own thoughts that came to mind when I was out in San Francisco observing the celebrations in the streets the night it was struck down.  Though the energy of the crowd was infectious, and I shared […]

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More “Bang for Your Buck”: The Value of Collaborative

As a society, we are fascinated by the wealthy—we constantly scrutinize and analyze their lifestyles and decisions, trying to learn what it is that sets them apart and allows them to be so successful.  Many millionaires or billionaires actually come from middle class backgrounds and they understand value.  Even though they have a lot of […]

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Collaborative Divorce: Revolutionizing the Way Divorces Are Handled

A new paradigm is needed for the way family law is practiced in Michigan, and a new method called Collaborative Divorce is leading the way. Divorce is a life-changing event. A select group of attorneys can now offer a better way to end a marriage through specialized advanced training in Collaborative Divorce. This groundbreaking method […]

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If you are thinking about getting a divorce, consider Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce law is a relatively new, multi-disciplinary approach designed to minimize conflict while enabling divorcing couples to find a way to resolve their differences on all relevant issues. The process places a deep emphasis on negotiation and working together. You may be worried that you and your spouse will be unable to reach an […]

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