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About Attorney Lori D. Becker

As President and Managing Partner of Becker Legal, P.C., Lori D. Becker believes the success of her clients is what matters most.  The combination of her background as a skilled litigator in both Federal and State courts, and her designation as a certified mediator and specialized training in the collaborative divorce method, endows her with an ability to listen and negotiate that is rarely seen in family law attorneys.

In 1992, she received a B.A. in Political Economy from James Madison College at Michigan State University. She spent five years working as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company. Then, in 2000, she received her Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Detroit Mercy Graduate Business Program.

Ms. Becker has served as an adjunct professor for Northwood University and Walsh College teaching business law. Her articles have been published in the Detroit News, Women’s LifeStyle Magazine, and the Woman’s Lawyer Association of Michigan.  Lori Becker has a movie theatre ad as well as an ad in Birmingham Bloomfield Lifestyle. Additionally, Lori was featured on Town Talk Radio AM 690, Ave Maria Catholic Radio, and was the legal expert on Metro Chick Radio. Her professional memberships include: the State Bar of Michigan, Family Law Section; the Macomb County Bar Association; the Oakland County Bar Association; the Collaborative Law Institute of Michigan; the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals; the Michigan Inter-Professional Association; the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan; eWomen Network; the Local Business Network; and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She also serves as a committee chair regarding public education for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and sits on several boards, including: the Mac-OakWay Collaborative Practice Group, the Collaborative Institute of Michigan, and the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Foundation.

Divorce Attorney Lori D. BeckerIn addition to her professional activities and affiliations, Ms. Becker served for over ten years as a 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Volunteer for HAVEN’s First Response Advocacy Program. She provided emergency support to domestic and/or sexual assault victims and their families in Oakland County. Ms. Becker was also a volunteer as an adult mentor for the youth groups at Holy Name Catholic Church in Birmingham, Michigan and St. Hugo in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

As an avid hunter, golfer, traveler and adventure seeker, Ms. Becker is a member of Hunters’ Creek Hunt Club in Metamora, Michigan; the Huntsman Hunt Club in Dryden, Michigan; and the Safari Club International. She is married with a young stepson, and is currently teaching her wonderful husband the joys of hunting with their three funny Elhew, English Pointer bird dogs.

Ms. Becker believes in the value of advanced training to constantly expand her knowledge base and build upon her skill set to best serve her clients. In addition to the Basic Training in Collaborative, Ms. Becker has completed the following Advanced Training:


1999 Conflict Resolution Training
2005  Basic Collaborative Law Training
2006  Techniques for Collaborating at the Brink
2006  Strategies for Multidisciplinary Collaborative Practice
2006  Mediation Training
2006  Advanced Collaborative Law Training
2007  Expanding Collaborative Practice
2008  Collective Wisdom Symposium
2008  IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2009  The Role of Law in Collaborative Practice
2009  Passion, Profit and Personal Service
2009  Applied Non-Defensive Techniques for Collaborative Cases
2009  IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2009  Getting Team Practice Off the Ground in Your Community
2009  Building a Profitable Collaborative Practice: Making Peacemaking Your Day Job
2009  Basic Training
2009  Ethics as Core to the Collaborative Paradigm
2009  Civil Law and the Collaborative Process
2009  Fueling your Collaborative Practice Group
2010 Interest-based Negotiation: The Essential Settlement Tool
2010 The Art and Science of Resilience: Facilitating the Prepared Mind of the Collaborative Client
2010 Strengthening the Interdisciplinary Team: Deepening Skills to Advance Collaborative Work
2010 Invisible Children: Bringing Voices of Adult Children into the Collaborative Process
2010  IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2010 Neurobiology and Implications for Collaborative Practice
2010 Collaborating the Late-Life Divorce
2010 Using the Collaborative Process in Negotiating Pre-Nuptial and Domestic Partnership Agreements for Same-Sex Couples
2010 Advanced Training: Interest- Based Negotiation Without Power Struggle
2010 Not Your Average Parenting Plan: Navigating the Emotional Dynamics in the Room
2010 CPIM Advanced Collaborative Negotiation Training
2011 Ongoing Monthly Advanced Collaborative Negotiation Training
2011 CPIM Advanced Collaborative Training (Feb)
2011 Delving Into the Heart of Conflict: Exploring Conflict as an Opportunity for Growth
2011 Dynamics of Decision Making, Money, Power, Narrative, and Law in Highly Effective Collaborative Practice
2011 Who ”Leads” in Collaborative Team Practice Meetings: When, Why, and How?
2011 Advocacy and the Role of the Collaborative Lawyer From the Inside Out
2011 Case of Doctor & Doctor: From Start to Finish
2011 Advanced Training: Getting Clients Ready to Negotiate in the Collaborative Process
2011 IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2012 Collaborative Law Master Class – Pittsburgh, PA.
2012 Redefining Leadership and the Power of Lollipop Moments
2012 Timeless Leadership for a New World
2012 The Power of Story
2012 Collaborative Leadership
2012 CP Teams, Working Groups, Leadership & Problem Solving
2012 Engaging the Reluctant Spouse
2012 Serving LGBTQ Clients: Understanding the Importance of Language and Culture
2012  Basic Training
2012 Advanced Training: Talking a Different Talk: Understanding Different Processing Styles
2012  IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2012 Forensic Accounting and the Collaborative Process
2012 Creative Options for Divorcing Couples Over 50
2012 Family Creation Arrangements in the LGBTQ Community: Impact on Children and Adults and the Value of Collaborative Solutions
2013 Advanced Training: Teams, Working Groups Leadership and Problem Solving
2013 Intuition, Valuation, Decision: Cognitive Models of Complex Judgments and Reconciliation
2013 Integrative Mind-Body Practices for Regulating Stress through the Autonomic Nervous System
2013 Influence
2013 The Pursuit of Missing Information in Negotiation
2013 Mirror Neurons
2013 How the Human Brain Responds to Effective Storytelling
2013 Influence and Persuasion
2013  IACP Annual Pre Forum and Forum
2013 Collaborative Practice at It’s Best
2013 Adult Attachment Style During Relationship Breakdown
2013  Basic Training
2013 Did I Just Say That? Experiences and Lessons Learned
2013 Creative Strategies for Families with Special Needs
2013 Advanced Training: The Client, The Couple, and Ourselves
2013 The Language of Collaboration: Increasing Effectiveness by Communicating Non-Defensively and Powerfully
2013 Fatal (Fiscal) Attraction: Spendthrifts and Tightwads
2013 Neil Denny’s “Get Artisan” Training
2014 Neil Denny “Re-Calibrating the Collaborative Team” Training
2014 Advanced Training: Collaborative, Conflict, & Community
2014 Strategies for Managing Complexity
2014 Collaborative Practice with LGBT Couples & Families

Work History

Lori D. Becker’s Previous Employment Summary

  • Northwood University – Adjunct Professor Business Law.
  • Walsh Community College – Adjunct Professor – Business Law.
  • Michigan Counsel for Economic Education – Walsh College – Instructor – Estate Planning.
  • Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner, DeNardis and Vallitutti specializing in Product Liability Defense Litigation.
  • Rhone – Poulene Rorer – Professor Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
  • Fisons Pharmaceutical – Professional Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Activities and Awards

  • Pro Bono Work for Legal Aid.
  • 2007 Ford Menttium Scholarship Award Winner from Women Lawyer Association of Michigan Foundation.
  • 2008 Board Member Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Foundation.
  • 2007/2008 Collaborative Practice of Michigan Board Member.
  • 1998 – present volunteer – HAVEN – First Response Advocate.
  • Women Lawyers Association of Michigan Foundation Award: Ford Menttium Scholarship 2007.
  • Pro Bono work for Legal Aid – FLAP – Family Law.
  • Volunteer Recognition: Detroit News article spotlighting volunteer work for HAVEN

Informative Videos

Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place
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Saving Money and Frustration Through Collaborative Divorce
An Introduction to Collaborative Divorce
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Lori Becker
Lori D. Becker, J.D., M.B.A.
José, D.T.D. (Divorce Therapy Dog)

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