Collaborative Divorce Testimonials

I really thought you did a nice and fair job trying to get my divorce through.

Ben, Farmington Hills

It takes a special person to be a good lawyer, a wise counsel, and a thoughtful friend, all at the same time. I am truly grateful for all you have done...  (read more)

Len, Rochester Hills

Lori worked to resolve our problems, not stir the pot.

Michael, father of two, Clinton Township

You helped me to remember that the children's well being should be our first priority when working through the divorce.

Meaghan, mother of three, Novi

Lori not only listened to me—she heard me.

Jeff, White Lake

You were truthful, kept me focused, and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear.

Beth, Bloomfield Hills

Thank you for taking so much time to walk me through the collaborative divorce process.  You've given me a lot to think about and opened my mind to the many variables of a divorce settlement.  I don't think I'm prepared to move forward right now, but I will be calling you when I find that I am emotionally ready. I can see that you bring a calmness to an otherwise tense situation.  Thank you for the work you do in educating/promoting the collaborative divorce process.  You have a gift.

Tim, Troy