Real Housewives Divorce: A Reality Check

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel’s divorce  from Jason Hoppy has been tabloid fodder for several years now.  A  recent Radar Online article (click here) happily splashed the exact amount of attorney fess Frankel must pay to Hoppy ($100,000) across their headlines. We as a society are happy consumers of reality television, […]

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How Divorce Affects Your Health and What You Can Do To Minimize the Damage

A recent study published by Matthew Dupre of Duke University  found that women who were divorced at least once were 24% more likely to experience a heart attack compared to women who remained married.  For women divorced two or more times, the risk jumped to 77%.  (See article here) Dupre and his team were not […]

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Parental Decision Making and Divorce

Channel 7 recently reported on a story out of Huntington Woods about a divorced couple  back in court around the issue of whether or not to vaccinate their two children.  (Click here for original story) The thing which stood out to  me  most  in the  story  was that the father was completely taken aback by the […]

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Lori D. Becker Named a Top Up & Coming Lawyer!

Lori D. Becker was picked by Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly Newspaper as one of the top Up & Coming Lawyers in the state of Michigan. Spotlight Article: Appeared in the Newspaper Announcement: The announcement of the list                 Lori Becker is the president and managing partner of Becker Legal P.C. in […]

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Lori D. Becker has just become the first person from Michiganever elected to the Board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals! This is a big deal for Lori as it is an international recognition of the great collaborative work she’s been doing in Michigan. Visit Becker Legal, P.C.’s home Lori D. Becker received some local […]

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