Divorce Equality

I recently saw a Reuters article on DOMA and its implications on divorce.  The article echoed many of my own thoughts that came to mind when I was out in San Francisco observing the celebrations in the streets the night it was struck down.  Though the energy of the crowd was infectious, and I shared their joy at the step forward, I couldn’t help but think how far we still have to go.

Marriage Equality

The author’s use of the term “divorce equality” to describe what he hopes will come along with the fight for marriage equality perfectly captures the thoughts running through my head.  Interestingly, the article was posted in Yahoo’s Finance section, which lead me to expand my thinking about divorce equality beyond just for same sex couples as mentioned in the article, but also to consider the movement within the Collaborative community to work on equalizing access to the process for families of low or modest income.

Attorney for LBGT Separations

As Collaborative practitioners, we strive to be on the cusp of forward movement, creative change, and challenging the status quo.  Whether it is the work of the Collaborative Project of Maryland or the application of Collaborative principles to negotiate LGBT dissolutions in states like mine, where there is little to no legal protection for the rights and interests of LGBT families, it is truly beautiful to see the ever-expanding scope of what Collaborative can do.

I believe that every couple should be able to separate with dignity and with a sense of stability and security for their new individual futures and the future of their children.  For me, that is the true meaning of “divorce equality.”

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