Perceptions of Family Law in Michigan

I am not usually one for all of the random little Facebook quizzes, but I saw one the other day that piqued my interest. It was one of those “Which state are you from?” games and having a few moments to kill, I played. I rather surprisingly got Michigan, but the little description rationalizing the […]

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What It Takes for an Unfit Judge to Lose His Seat

Many people going through a divorce eagerly await their day in court.  They have grand visions of justice being served and of “winning” while their spouse “loses.”  What these people often do not consider is that in going to court, they are willingly giving up their power to make decisions for their own family and […]

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Avoiding Settlement Blunders with the Collaborative Divorce Process (CDP) Part I– Trial

I so often wish that the couples we work with in the Collaborative Divorce Process could see themselves in a parallel universe going through litigation so they could fully grasp the scope of what a huge difference CDP makes. An article written by CNBC writer Elizabeth MacBride entitled Avoid Divorce Settlement Blunders seeks to address […]

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Lessons Taken from “How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy”

A new book “How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy” is making waves on the press circuit (click here to view article) Its authors, Anne Milford and Jennifer Gauvain, explore the reasons behind an increasing number of women saying “I do” despite knowing deep in their hearts they should not be making a commitment to […]

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