Click on the text you most identify with as far as where you are in your considerations of divorce.

I want a divorce. My spouse has no idea.My spouse wants a divorce. I do not.We want a divorce and think we have everything figured out.We want to keep things civilized, but are struggling to reach agreement.A divorce is anticipated, but we are not communicating and may be at the brink of war.

Thinking About a Divorce?

Here are the facts:

  • You are in an emotional state: either angry, hurt, frustrated;
  • Chances are you are looking for a quick fix and booking an appointment with the first attorney who can get you into their office;
  • It’s very likely you will hire the first lawyer you meet with to work on your divorce.

I challenge you to stop, take a breath, and learn about all of your options before you take any actions.  There are numerous reasons why I suggest this, but one important one is: The attorney you hire and how they guide you through the initial steps of your divorce will have a huge impact on the outcome and your family’s future.