I want a divorce. My spouse has no idea.

The decision to divorce is life altering.  The most important thing that you can do for your family is to educate yourself and educate your spouse about how to divorce.  If you are still in the preliminary stages of considering a divorce or are unsure whether or not it is a decision you are ready to commit to, educate yourself.  There are few things worse than life altering decisions made in the heat of the moment, without careful consideration.  I have found that with the right resources and guidance, people are able to commit to decisions they are comfortable with, particularly if they meet with an attorney who does not make their primary goal pushing toward a divorce blindly in order to gain a new client.  Once you have committed to getting a divorce, how your spouse learns of the divorce is crucial.

  • Experts have shown that how a couple handles themselves during a divorce, rather than the divorce itself, is the determining factor for how it influences their children.  
  • Many people meet with one attorney and proceed to hire them and run through the motions suggested by this attorney without ever realizing there are other options.  Advice can very greatly depending on the process you choose.  The best thing you can do for you and your family is to meet with at least two different attorneys who have different styles and approaches so you can decide what will be best for you and your situation. 
  • How your spouse learns of the impending divorce should be carefully constructed to specifically meet the needs of your family’s circumstances.  The approach can vary greatly as can the advice regarding this subject.  Be sure to learn about all of your families options and perhaps get a second opinion (just as you would about a serious medical condition) before any actions are taken.



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