My spouse wants a divorce. I do not.

Divorce is often a very painful and traumatic life experience.  Though you may feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you, you will need to respond.  It is far better to respond in a positive, pro-active manner than to allow yourself to revert to a primal fight-or-flight response that is often the knee-jerk reaction when experiencing trauma.  

  • Michigan in a no-fault state.  This means that if your spouse wants a divorce or a legal separation (referred to in Michigan as separate maintenance), they will be able to get it whether or not you participate. 
  • If you don’t participate in the divorce, many of your rights and options can be severely limited and can lead to life-long issues for not only you but your children as well.
  • People grieve divorce in much the same way they grieve the death of a loved one (see Article link below).  Once the dust has settled and the grieving process is complete, people regret the decisions they made emotionally without considering their long term implications and families are often irreparably torn apart. 
  • Although it might feel easier to procrastinate, thinking your spouse isn’t really serious – or worse – bury your head in the sand thinking this will all go away – these are the worst things you can do to yourself.  Learn about your options before your spouse has made life long decisions for you and your family without your input.
  • Working with the right professionals can work wonders in helping people who are in shock and cycling through the various stages of divorce grief to see a little more clearly through the fog and to better understand the implications their decisions can have.



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