Domestic Partnerships and Family Creation Agreements

The law does not protect couples who elect not to get married– but who live together and/or choose to start families– in the same way it does married couples.

Therefore, it is particularly important for these couples to take steps to protect their interests and create a foundation for a stable future for the family as a whole in the event that the relationship ends.

Unmarried couples with children face a whole set of potential pitfalls that are important to understand before they happen.  For example, not securing a mutually agreed upon parenting plan immediately (or even before the birth of the children) can be detrimental not only to the children, but to both parents and can lead to custody issues in the future.  If you are planning on having a family while remaining unmarried, or a family occurs, it is important to consult with an attorney to have the appropriate legal documents in place.

We believe utilizing the Collaborative Process can be an unparalleled tool in creating agreements which help preserve both parties preserve relationships with their children, maintain financial stability, and find peace in the chaos which comes with ending a long term relationship or marriage.

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