The Misery Spiral

I recently stumbled upon a tongue in cheek article by Cloe Madanes entitled The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People (click here for link).  The author gives “strategies” for ensuring a life of self-sabotage and unhappiness.  Few life events rival divorce when it comes to being the impetus for falling into a misery spiral and setting up for a life of self sabotaging behaviors.

Divorce Drains Your Emotions

Divorce is always a difficult and emotionally draining endeavor.  It carries a social stigma, causing many to feel an overwhelming sense of failure. If someone has been married for a long time, it can be very emotionally daunting to face the prospect of creating a new, independent identity and sense of self.  Navigating these challenges can be very difficult, causing many to use the divorce as an excuse for giving up or putting off dealing with these issues. 

The Collaborative Divorce Process Can Help

The Collaborative Divorce Process can help address these challenges from the very beginning of the case.  With the help of mental health professionals acting as Divorce Coaches, clients are better able to find security and a new sense of self working through the emotional issues, rather than rushing through the legal and being faced with a mountain of growing concerns at the “conclusion” of the divorce.  Working with financial neutrals is tremendously helpful in allowing people to feel secure in their future, which alleviates a potential source of misery.  This is what makes the Collaborative Divorce Process so different—the value of the resources that are built into the process.  No other method of divorce can come close to offering the same long term, future focused outlook that is so crucial to emotional well being and family stability.  

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