Why Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce doesn’t have to tear apart your family. By utilizing the collaborative divorce method you can avoid the emotional heartache that so often arises out of traditional divorce litigation.

Unlike a traditional divorce, the collaborative divorce method allows you and your spouse to talk to each other rather than through your attorneys. This opens up the process to a spirit of cooperation and negotiation that helps keep the relationship amicable. This is especially important if children are involved.

In a collaborative divorce, you retain control. Your family is unique and deserves a unique solution to the issues raised in your separation or divorce proceeding. Rather than having a judge make the important decisions for your family, the collaborative divorce method allows you and your spouse to take responsibility for shaping a settlement as key members of your divorce team.

While there is no pain-free way to end a marriage, through the collaborative divorce method you can lay the groundwork for a better future. By reducing the stress typically associated with traditional divorce, by working together in a climate of cooperation, and by treating each other with respect, you and your spouse will create an environment in which you and your children can thrive after your divorce is over.

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Lori Becker is the president and managing partner of Becker Legal P.C. in Bloomfield, Michigan. Lori is a mediator, divorce attorney with specialized training in the collaborative divorce method. She can be reached at (248) 885-8660,lbecker@beckerlegalgroup.com.

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